Vendiamo generatori di corrente New and used generators

We sell new and used current generators and generating sets.

Assistenza per gruppi elettrogeni Servicing and spare parts for generators

Service for generating sets and electric generators through the whole of Sardinia.

Servizio di noleggio di generatori Generator rentals

Rental of generators, our fleet includes generating sets from 5 to 275kw. Service available 24 hours a day, with operators and transport if required by the customer.

EMC Generatori: specialists for generating sets and generators

gruppi elettrogeni Sassari Sardegna

The company was founded in 1987 and, in different forms, has always operated in the commercial and craft sectors, specifically covering the areas of electricity, electronics and mechanics.
Over time, the company has become specialised in generating sets, today we deal completely with generating sets and generators, offering services for construction, reconstruction, sales, servicing and rental.

Designing, reconstruction: due to our innovative design department (overseen personally by the founder of the business, Francesco Costa) and our qualified personnel, we design and manufacture generators, canopies and offer services for reconstruction and the upgrading of used generator sets.

Servicing and repairs: in order to best meet everyone’s needs, great effort is invested in the care and repair of generating sets, both at the client’s location and at corporate headquarters.

Sales: the marketing of new generating sets is another feather in the cap of EMC Generatori: we have an extensive exhibition of machinery and a fully stocked warehouse of spare parts and accessories.

Rentals: rental is another of the services offered, our fleet includes generating sets from 5 to 275kw; this service is available 24 hours a day.